Hempamed CBD Oils At A Glance

Premium CBD Oil

As close to nature as possible

Hempamed Premium CBD Oil contains dark CBD extract dissolved in organic hemp seed oil, the full spectrum extract is (as with all Hempamed CBD oils) obtained from gentle CO2 extraction. The extract is filtered particularly gently and deliberately contains CBD, CBDa, other cannabinoids and terpenes in addition to CBD.

Main properties of Hempamed Premium CBD Oil

  •  Most popular CBD series at Hempamed 
  • Best prices per mg CBD 
  •  Colour: dark green

Gold CBD Oil

The mild CBD Gold Standard 

Hempamed Gold CBD oil is our mildest CBD oil. The oil contains light CBD extract dissolved in organic hemp seed oil, and the full spectrum extract is carefully filtered after extraction, which removes THC and plant material, fat-like substances, waxes and chlorophyll while retaining important terpenes.

Main properties of Hempamed Gold CBD oil 

  •  Very mild taste 
  •  0.00% THC 
  •  Colour: Gold

Liposomal CBD oil

The most efficient CBD oil in the world. 

When CBD is combined with liposomes, it can be up to four times more effective than other solutions, allowing a much faster and stronger reaction. Liposomes are spherical structures that can transport ingredients within their interior. The full spectrum extract contained in it contains valuable terpenes, but no THC.

Main properties of Hempamed CBD liposomal oil

  • Highest bioavailability 
  • Our most efficient CBD oil 
  •  Colour: Amber