What is the difference between 5 %, 10 %, 20 % and liposomal CBD oil?

What is the difference between 5 %, 10 %, 20 % and liposomal CBD oil?

If you are interested in this question, you have probably already dealt with the topic of cannabidiol in general. You already know that CBD oil is made from hemp and its THC content is less than 0.2 %.

You may also have already looked at the various potential effects of these special cannabis oils and an idea of why you would like to use such an oil.

Now you have discovered that there are different oils in different concentrations. In addition, you may have heard of a liposomal oil before. But what is that? And what should you ultimately choose?

We would like to give you some possible criteria in the following and thereby facilitate your personal choice.

The different CBD proportions in CBD oil

The different percentages for our products refer to the amount of active ingredient contained in each 10 ml. Here you can select oils with 500 mg, 1000 mg or 2000 mg per 10 ml.

Apart from the possible individual dosage, all these products have in common that they have been extracted from useful hemp. Each oil is called THC-arm because the content of this psychoactive substance is below the legally prescribed 0.2 % for useful and industrial hemp. They are also natural full-spectrum oils based on organic hemp oil.

A full spectrum product is characterized by the fact that cannabidiol is not added as an isolate to another oil as a carrier, but remains in its natural active ingredient environment.

You can imagine this in a similar way to the more frequently cited example of vitamins. Vitamins are usually absorbed either integrated into an entire apple or as an isolated active ingredient in a special vitamin product.

Full spectrum products have many advantages, because they contain further accompanying substances which support or even balance the CBD in its effect. Research in this area has not yet been fully completed.

5, 10, 20ml or liposomal CBD oil

Principles of concentration

There is not one perfect percentage that is suitable for every user. Some users are very satisfied with a CBD share of 5%, others are more comfortable with 20%.

Most people react individually to the natural substance CBD. The differences in this area do not refer to a possible intoxication effect, as these oils do not show a psychoactive quality. When it comes to different reactions, the impression of increased well-being through the application is more important.

Some people react to very small amounts, while others need a higher dose in order to benefit from the positive effects of the oil.

So if you want to use one of our products specifically for specific ailments, you may feel a positive effect with the smallest dosage. However, your organism may need a little more or a higher CBD content of 10% or 20%.

The different reactions of individuals to the use of cannabidiol can be explained by the fact that this substance interacts with the human endocannabinoid system.

This system involves certain receptors with which the body's own substances - but also external substances such as CBD - can form a compound.

Through this connection it comes to reactions of your organism, for example to the perception of pain. If cannabidiole dock here, the effect of the body's own signal and messenger substances could be partially inhibited on the one hand, while on the other hand certain reactions would be stimulated.

The individual equipment in the biochemical field with different messenger substances and the sensitivity of the receptors is different for each person.

If, for example, you suffer from sleep disorders or would like to try CBD products for pain, you will find out for yourself what percentage and how much of your body causes the desired effect.

For many of our users, it is ultimately a matter of personal assessment as to which dosage they feel best with.

5 % - the ideal introduction

This full spectrum oil is a good start for most users who have no experience with CBD products. The dilution 500 mg to 10 ml is well suited if you want to try a CBD oil first.

Some of our customers, who started with a content of 5 %, stick with it, because the exact dosing simplifies the application. So far it is the most frequently bought Hempamed oil.

Some users think that this initial dosage works best when they only have slight problems. However, this is a subjective assumption which cannot be confirmed scientifically.

We recommend that you do not primarily speculate on the intensity of possible complaints, but make your own experiences with this percentage.

10 % - you already know the reactions of your body to CBD

This percentage is seen by some users as a perfect entry point. Experience has shown, however, that even experienced customers discover their personal feel-good dose with this product, which they use regularly and thus achieve the desired results.

It is an evergreen product which is ideal for smaller and medium daily quantities of CBD.

20 % - if you already have experience

Our 20% full-spectrum oil was awarded the best overall rating in a study we conducted among our customers. The 20 % concentration usually appeals to experienced CBD oil users. Here you get 2000 mg cannabidiol per 10 ml.

Odour-sensitive customers in particular get their money's worth: because you need less of the product, the smell and aroma are less intense.

These oils have 10ml / 10percent CBD content

What does liposomal stand for?

While our products presented so far differ mainly in the concentration of the CBD component and all other properties have in common, a liposomal product has a significantly different design than our other products.

Otherness refers to the production and the form in which the ingredients are present. So far we have introduced you to the classic CBD oils.

An oil is liposomal if it contains liposomes. These are fine spherical structures that function as means of transport for other substances. They have a fat coat of soy lecithin and are therefore similar to human body cells.

This enables them to fuse with a human cell and at that moment release the active substances contained, or discharge them into the cell. This mechanism increases the uptake of liposomal oils and encapsulated substances in the human body.

Experts speak of higher bioavailability in this context.

The bioavailability of a product determines how intensively a certain substance is absorbed by our body. This absorption capacity is not only determined by the percentage of an ingredient.

If a substance is poorly bioavailable, a higher dosage changes little if much of the substance is lost on its way into the cells.

CBD oil in liposomal form - what advantages does this special product offer you?

The 4% liposomal CBD oil is our most effective form of cannabidiol. It enables the direct introduction of the substance into a body cell. Due to this high bioavailability, the product does not have to be dosed in high doses. 400 mg active substance per 10 ml is sufficient.

Compared to conventional oils, the special oil achieves the effectiveness of a 16% non-liposomal product. The effectiveness in use is achieved liposomally primarily by the fact that the active substance does not first have to make a detour via a metabolism in the liver.

It is absorbed directly by the body cells, which makes its use much easier for many customers. In addition, it's THC-free.

How do you choose the right product for you?

We cannot give you any general recommendations as to which of our products is right for you. We guarantee that every product is a high-quality and convincing dietary supplement.

Our customers regularly tell us that they have found their favorite product by testing different dosages and concentrations of the substance.

This is why we offer a large selection of differently concentrated and designed products so that our customers have a choice.

We advise you not to start immediately with the 20 % full spectrum product, but to start gently with 5 %. You can try a higher dosage or a higher CBD content later if you have more experience with the reaction of your body.

Liposomal oils can be tested for you at any time as they work differently than our classic CBD oils. 

She is supporting her health with liposomal CBD oil.

Can it be worthwhile to try a differently concentrated or a liposomal product?

If you feel an overall increase in well-being from CBD products, but are not yet completely satisfied with the effect, you can try other concentrations or a different CBD oil design.

Everyone feels the effect of Cannabidiol products differently intensively.

At the same time, the period of time in which an effect is shown varies. We therefore advise you not to be too impatient with your initial dosage. Maybe your organism just needs a little longer to get used to this natural substance.

We recommend the lower 5% dose at the beginning so that you can get used to the texture of the oils. Get acquainted with the product and test if it is pleasant for you to use. Perhaps you notice that a classic CBD oil is not for you and you are consequently opting for our liposomal product or a completely different CBD product (e.g. CBD crystals or CBD capsules).

Since CBD liposomal is particularly well absorbed by the organism, customers with chronic or long-lasting health complaints in particular hope for an effect.

5 %, 10 %, 20 % or liposomal CBD oil - the choice is yours

It is of special concern to us that you can try out different CBD oils in premium quality and thus have the possibility to find your favourite product at any time. CBD softgel capsules can also be an alternative for you. We appreciate your feedback so that we can share your experiences with other customers.

In our blog you will also find a lot of other information that can also help you choose your CBD product.

Note: In this article we report on prescription cannabis, prescription CBD or over-the-counter or legal CBD. This Article does not make any proposal as to the possible purpose of the proposal and is for information and education purposes only. Promises of healing and benefits are excluded.