What effect does CBD oil have on our psyche?

What effect does CBD oil have on our psyche?

Cannabidiol appeals to many users who have already had experience with CBD oil themselves or hope for a therapeutic benefit. This is also about psychological illnesses.

Psychological effects have been described for cannabis for centuries. Initially, the focus was on the effect of tetrahydrocannabinol ("THC"), the noise generating substance of the cannabis plant.

In contrast to tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiols are obtained from hemp plants poor in THC. For these, too, there are increasing indications in research and practical application of the positive effects of non-noise producing hemp products. The more intensively the underlying physiological structures are researched, the clearer the possibilities of cannabidiols in this field can become.

Here we have compiled some current information on the subject for you.

Psyche - what is it? A definition of terms

In general, the psychological area is understood as an area in which we think and feel. In a nutshell, this is about our entire perception. Consequently, we are dealing with sensations such as pain or well-being in the psychic body area. Also fear is settled here. Our perceptions can be very intense.

Even if pain initially appears to us as a physical phenomenon, that is only half the truth. Stimulation that is transmitted to our central nervous system via nerve endings is interpreted in the central nervous system ("CNS"), which consists of our brain and spinal cord. The CNS forms the core of our psyche, because here the evaluation and definition of stimuli take place, which reach the CNS via nerves as information.

Also fear or stress, which can be reflected in physical states and negative feelings, are developed by actual or assumed stimuli. The stimulus can then, after filtering via the CNS via the release of various signal substances, lead to physical reactions as well as negative feelings such as tension.

Substances that have a positive effect on the psyche must therefore either act on stimuli themselves or on our perception in order to support us in coping with such phenomena. An influence on perception in the psychological field seems more promising because it can have a more lasting effect.

Irritations cannot be completely switched off. In addition, substances that support us psychologically should have a balancing effect.

What can cannabis and CBD do for us here?

The Endocannabinoid System

With the research of cannabis active substances, the body's own endocannabinoid system was discovered. The prefix "endo" stands here for inner and own. Cannabinoid refers to certain psychoactive and regulating substances.

Initially, the substance THC was at the centre of cannabis, until it became clear that hemp had other substances that could work in our organism - among other things directly in the central nervous system.

Oils from hemp Active ingredients

Functions of internal and external cannabinoids

Our system of psyche and body has the possibility to release system regulating substances. These limit reactions and above all the perception of stimulus reactions. Otherwise, certain reactions would build up steadily and endanger our health.

In the case of stress and anxiety, for example, hormones such as cortisol are released, which can put a great strain on our organism. Psychologically we also perceive such states as negative because we feel tense and under pressure.

For example, stress, anxiety and depression often turn into a vicious circle of stimuli, repetitive physical and psychological reactions. We usually do not recognize these connections at first, because they are still too little known. We then often only notice that our complaints and unpleasant feelings become more intense and stressful.

The endocannabinoid system has receptor sites at which regulatory signalling substances can dock. Receptors are the ends of nerve strands that react to stimuli such as signal substances and primarily transmit these stimuli to our central nervous system.

Here, for example, our organism forms substances from certain fatty acids which combine with the surface of the receptors in the endocannabinoid system. These substances, in turn, are degraded by enzymes, resulting in a complex regulatory system.

The endocannabinoid system is used, among other things, for the regulation of

  • sleep
  • pain
  • immune processes
  • inflammations
  • fears and depressive feelings

to the other.

Tetrahydrocannabinol can combine with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. It unfolds similar effects to the body's own cannabinoids: it calms and relaxes, but also intoxicates. There is a change of perception in our psyche, which can increase our well-being.

Substances such as anadamide also work here. This material provides a feeling of well-being, and is therefore considered a "lucky substance".

Enzymes are so-called catalysts. These support, among other things, various reactions in the human organism similar to how a spark stimulates the ignition of a fire. Anadamide is broken down by a specific enzyme.

This is where cannabidiole comes in. They inhibit the degradation of the substance by preventing the enzyme from doing its job. The body's own cannabinoids and those that penetrate from the outside can therefore have a longer effect at appropriate receptor sites. This can result in increased well-being.

For example, it can be used to

  • Relief from pain,
  • comprehensive relaxation,
  • Suppression of fears,
  • and a general reassurance.

CBD Oil Psyche

CBD oil and its compound to endocannabinoid system

CBD oil can promote the regulating effect of cannabinoids. Thus it unfolds above all dampening effects opposite classical tension and stress reactions. This enables it to put a stop to processes that are becoming independent. It binds itself weakly to the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Interestingly, it also dampens a too strong effect of THC. Cannabidiol, according to current knowledge, works balancing in all directions when it comes to the function of the endocannabinoid system. Therefore, it could maintain and increase our well-being during many extreme reactions.

This can be well illustrated by chronic pain conditions. Pain is not an exclusively physical reaction. The CNS evaluates incoming pain stimuli and thereby also determines the intensity of pain. In this respect, pain has a strong connection to psychological aspects of our organism.

In chronic pain, our nervous system has memorized pain routines in a so-called pain memory. The pain has then lost its warning and indication function. It becomes a disease syndrome of its own, which has to do primarily with perception in the CNS.

The CNS keeps rewinding the pain. Therefore chronic pain is also difficult to treat. Therefore, our perception must change. Here cannabidioles also act on the vanillin receptor type 1 (also called capsaicin receptor), which is directly related to the perception of pain. The perception of pain changes, chronic processes are interrupted.

This gives the organism the chance to develop new healthy and recovered routines.

CBD oils seem to start exactly with this change of perception, as the cannabinoids can unfold a relaxing and calming influence longer and some receptors are occupied directly. Researchers are investigating whether this can lead to the recovery of independent control loops and the breaking of established routines.

Stress and anxiety are accompanied by very similar cycles to pain. They too can become independent and chronic without acute stimuli. All chronic processes have a strong psychological connection. In terms of anxiety, cannabidiole may affect the 5-HT1A receptor related to anxiety perception.

Even sleep has a connection with the endocannabinoid system.

Many users are hoping that positive experiences will lead to a benefit of CBD oil in promoting restful sleep. This is understandable when we consider that sleep disorders are often a predominantly psychological affair.

In this context, think of a kind of habits in order to understand the principle of the increasing control cycles.

Many of our stressful health disorders are caused by our psyche, which interprets the original acute environmental stimuli as permanent burdens and memorises them in the long term. The susceptibility to chronic complaints can be individually pronounced.

CBD oil is balancing imbalances here and could therefore be a support for our hectic, stimulating time.

CBD oil affects our psyche? The potential of the substance in a nutshell

Doctors and scientists are increasingly recognizing the therapeutic potential of CBD oil in various health disorders with a psychological reference. This can affect a wide variety of symptoms.

The interest for this topic has so far led to the following study results for CBD oils:

Researchers at an Italian university found that their previous results indicated a probable antipsychotic effect that could benefit patients with a generalized anxiety disorder.

Researchers at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil found that a potential antidepressant effect could be associated with serotonin levels in the central nervous system.

Australian scientists believe that CBD oil can positively influence the potential effects of THC and noise producing cannabis extracts.

These studies are all up to date. It has only recently become common practice to research CBD oils as mono-substances. For many years, tetrahydrocannabinol was the focus of medical applications.

For a long time, research was carried out only on combined extracts containing cannabidiol. Only recently have we increasingly focused on the possibilities of cannabidioles alone.

Cannabidiol Oil from Cannabis Plant

What do you have of the latest findings?

If you are interested in alternative therapies in general, it might be worth your while to take a closer look at CBD oil. Maybe you've been thinking about whether CBD oil can do something for you. And you want to try out for yourself how it works on ailments related to your nervous system or otherwise having a psychic component.

Many of our customers have confirmed in a survey that they primarily use our products in the following areas:

  • For pain,
  • to counteract sleep disorders,
  • when they're under a lot of stress,
  • for anxiety and strong agitation.

If we look at body and mind as a unit, as many physicians do, almost every illness has a psychological reference. Our immune system also benefits greatly from a rested and relaxed nervous system. Some use CBD oil because they want to help their organism achieve this state of relaxation.

Stress, pain and anxiety are positively influenced above all by the fact that unhealthy, chronic control cycles are interrupted.

Researchers are increasingly suspecting that the endocannabinoid system could also play an important role in the development of tumours. If the regulating circuits function optimally, cancer can be counteracted according to previous findings. If this is confirmed with the help of long-term studies, further new possibilities will open up.

People with chronic complaints hope for a high benefit from alternative therapies such as CBD oil. That concerns about...

  • Pain patients,
  • Anxiety patients,
  • depressed patients,
  • stressed people.

The faster you manage to interrupt unhealthy regulatory cycles in the perception of your CNS, the less likely it is that the chronification will continue and completely elude treatment.

Advantages of alternative methods compared to classical drugs

You may also have heard that drugs used to treat chronic conditions have some side effects. They can sometimes become addictive or lose their effectiveness over time.

Where the psychological area and our perception are also affected, it is also difficult to make a meaningful start with a treatment. Interventions in the complicated circuits of the CNS could ultimately lead to further deterioration in health and loss of quality of life. And often the side effects outweigh in the end.

Pain killers often damage the stomach and anti-depressants have severe side effects like loss of libido.

In contrast, there are currently no known serious side effects from the use of CBD oil. It's not addictive, it doesn't damage organ systems, it doesn't create intoxication. It is also not reported that continuous dose adjustments would be necessary, even if the products were used for long periods of time.

For many CBD oil users, it is the psyche related complaints that motivate them to buy full spectrum oils. They seek relief from pain and sleep disorders, depressive moods and stress.

As a support to other alternative therapies, users speak of a lasting, increased sense of well-being.

There are indications that products containing cannabidiols are also perceived as valuable because they can erase negative perceptions and memories. This plays a role in pain memory, for example.

C B D (Cannabidiol) can support health

Further research results on CBD oil to be expected

CBD oil can play an even more important role in the central nervous system and its associated complaints. Its gentle effects speak above all also for a self-application, which could help many people further. In our culture, nervous stress is often the main cause of disease. More and more connections become clear here.

In addition, oils from hemp may also reduce the side effects of drugs. This should improve the quality of life of some people.

In addition, the use of full spectrum oils can be easily integrated into everyday life. You can test your own tolerance with an initial dosage of the oils, in order to profit optimally from the products and effects at the end.

In principle, the products can be combined with pharmaceuticals and ideally complement their orientation. Due to all these circumstances, these special dietary supplements are enjoying greater popularity.

Nevertheless, hemp products and only the term cannabis still have a difficult status, because many people think primarily of THC and the narcotics law.

CBD products, however, are low in THC, do not produce intoxication and do not comply with the regulations on narcotics. The hemp species used for the production of a full spectrum oil are legally cultivated and processed.

Diseases with a psychological impact on the rise

We are probably becoming more and more receptive to nervous stress and stimuli, which is why corresponding complaints are on the increase. The human being as a whole is at the centre of attention. Cannabidioles could therefore increasingly become an alternative health support.

Many of our customers have had very positive experiences with alternative therapies in combination with hemp products and buy CBD oil very targeted to support the existing treatment. Especially in the case of psychological stress and associated illnesses, we recommend that you talk to a specialist beforehand.

If insomnia, pain or anxiety are also an issue for you, you could give cannabidioles a chance. This cannabis product is not a medicinal product. Finally, we would like to mention that it depends on your subjective evaluation and your impression of possible effects.

The many links between CBD oil and our mental health have not yet been fully explored. Here you can expect further insights, which we will keep you up to date.

Note: In this article we report on prescription cannabis, prescription CBD or over-the-counter or legal CBD. This Article does not make any proposal as to the possible purpose of the proposal and is for information and education purposes only. Promises of healing and benefits are excluded.