Recipe: Nougat pralines with CBD

Recipe: Nougat pralines with CBD

As good as the irresistible nougat seafood and even better, as this makes the portion of CBD the real treat. Especially for those of you who are not so familiar with the CBD oil taste.

Chocolate and nougat. What a heavenly combination!

Have fun trying it out :) 👩🏻‍🍳👨🏽‍🍳

For the beautiful marbling effect it is recommended to use dark and light chocolate, if you prefer this, you can of course take only one type.
We used dark chocolate because the nougat itself is quite sweet and this is a good addition to the tart taste of the CBD oil.
To make the effort worthwhile, you should always use high-quality ingredients. We used dark and light jam from Vivani and nougat from Rapunzel from the organic shop.
The shapes we used are right here.
We wanted a praline to contain 10mg CBD, so we used 5 drops of our 5% oil each.

Hempamed recipe: melted ingredients for CBD nougat pralines


  • 100g dark organic chocolate
  • 50g organic white chocolate
  • 150g nougat mass
  • Hempamed CBD Oil


  • Water bath
  • With 3 separate vessels
  • Silicone moulds
  • Shashlik skewer/ toothpick


  • Melt the chocolate separately in a water bath or microwave.
  • Line the silicone mould with the chocolate. For the marble effect, first add a small amount (depending on the size of the mould) of white chocolate and a little more of the black chocolate. Optionally you can mix them a little bit with a small fork or a shashlik skewer. Make sure that the chocolate goes up to the edges of the individual moulds.
  • Place the moulds in the freezer for about a quarter of an hour so that the chocolate can set.
  • At the same time melt the nougat mass in a water bath.
Hempamed recipe: Put chocolate in a silicone mould Hempamed recipe: Marbled chocolate in silicone mould
  • In order to be able to control the dosage most accurately, we recommend dripping the desired amount of drops into each individual mould. Otherwise you can also stir the CBD oil directly into the nougat mass.

Hempamed recipe: Drip CBD oil into moulds

  • Depending on how you have proceeded, fill the moulds with nougat, but leave room for the chocolate lid on top. If you have filled in nougat and CBD separately, you can carefully whisk them together using a shashlik skewer (see photo).
Hempamed recipe: GIF nougat is mixed with CBD oil
  • Leave the nougat to set in the freezer again.
  • Cover the nougat with the chocolate again to create a closed praline. Again, you can mix light and dark chocolate together.
  • Put the mould in the fridge for one last time. To make sure that everything is nice and firm, you can increase the time period here.
  • Remove the chocolates from the mould and enjoy your result. But not too much at once :)

Hempamed recipe: Ready-made CBD nougat pralines

Note: To prevent them from melting away, it is recommended to keep the finished chocolates in the refrigerator.

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