CBD tea - what can hemp tea offer you?

CBD tea - what can hemp tea offer you?

More and more people are discovering the ingredient of the commercial hemp plant cannabidiol (CBD) for themselves. They expect many health benefits from this cannabinoid from the plant Cannabis sativa.

Scientists are also increasingly confirming the positive health effects of CBD.

Maybe you have already made first experiences with cannabidiol oil. Herbal teas are often used in naturopathy and alternative medicine.

Here now one or the other user asks himself whether a tea is another possibility to take up the valuable cannabinoid. In this article we have compiled some current information on this topic.

CBD tea - what is that?

The cannabis plant Cannabis sativa contains interesting plant substances in various parts of the plant such as leaves, flowers and seeds. These include cannabinoids such as CBD, but also accompanying secondary plant substances such as terpenes.

Secondary plant substances are substances with which plants protect themselves from harmful environmental influences such as UV radiation, predators and others. Although scientific research into these plant protective substances is far from complete, researchers are still discovering other positive effects of these substances on the human body.

As we will see later on, it may be advisable, especially in connection with the intake of cannabidiol, to take up further substances from the useful hemp plant that support the effect.

If you already have experience with various herbal teas and also medicinal tea preparations, a hemp teamight seem particularly attractive at this point.

You know that in a tea preparation in plants effective substances can often unfold particularly well. In fact, a tea can be made from the petals and seeds of the useful hemp plant. This can contain a proportion of cannabidiol. But you should pay attention to some things when buying and especially when preparing hemp teas.

Areas of application and effects

Hemp teas are used in all areas where the oils are also supposed to have a health effect. These are for example

Responsible for the effect of cannabidiols in the human organism is mainly the interaction of cannabidiols with specific receptor sites in the endocannabinoid system of the human body.

Our organism itself produces substances similar to cannabinoids. They act as messenger substances in the human nervous system and other parts of the body. The sensation of pain and also sleep are controlled by these substances, among others.

The cannabinoids from the hemp plant can also bind to certain receptor sites. In this way they in turn influence certain reactions of the nervous system and other physical systems.

It is important to know that in a tea preparation you cannot estimate the content of cannabidiol in the final product as well as in a standardized oil. The previous heating creates a certain unreliability in the content of activated CBDs.

Enjoy CBD teas

CBD tea: Differentiation of different hemp varieties

If you have studied hemp in general, you know the difference between cannabidiol and noise producing substances like THC. Cannabidiol products, as they are currently sold without a doctor's prescription, are always made from commercial hemp.

Industrial hemp plants (Cannabis sativa) are subject to certain regulations for planting and selling in the EU. They may only be cultivated if their THC content is below 0.2%.

Other cannabis varieties, such as Cannabis indica, contain much higher levels of THC. Their cultivation as well as the marketing of products derived from them are subject to even stricter legal requirements.

THC contents important

THC generates a noise and can cause addiction. Apart from strictly indicated medical applications, products containing THC are therefore classified as illegal drugs.

This distinction is very important for you if you want to buy hemp teas. Theoretically, tea products can be made from all types of hemp - even THC-rich ones. Against this background, you can only consider products that are made from commercial hemp and have a THC content of less than 0.2%.

Making a good choice

When choosing a hemp tea, however, it is not only the THC content that matters. When preparing a tea from the hemp plant, you come into contact with the natural, original plant parts. Therefore it is recommended that

  • you select products from organic or pesticide-free cultivation.
  • you buy a type of tea with a declared cannabidiol content.
  • you decide on a product whose CBD content is not less than 1.5%.
  • you prefer a tea extract that consists mainly of flowers and less of seed parts.

Particularly reputable suppliers will link your purchase with a certificate confirming that the purity and composition of the tea has been tested by a recognised laboratory.

Perhaps you are wondering at this point why there are such high demands on the quality of hemp teas. You also know oils with cannabidiol, which for example only contain 0.5 % of the cannabinoid.

For tea, the content should not be less than 1.5%? There are high quality requirements to hemp teas, because the tea preparation is a more complex matter.

Decarboxylation - the most important point in the preparation

Cannabinoids such as cannabidiol are present in the plant of commercial hemp in a form that cannot produce the desired effect in the human body. At least that is the opinion of doctors and scientists based on current knowledge.

CBD tea made from hemp

The reason for this is quickly explained: Cannabidiol is initially present in hemp in a precursor of CBD. This is a non-activated or unresolved form.

In order for CBD to take on the form in which we need it in the end product, a certain biochemical process must first take place. We also talk about decarboxylation. In this process, the cannabinoids, initially present in hemp as carboxylic acids, are converted into an activated form.

Without going into too much depth chemically, you can remember that this process results in the splitting of a carbon dioxide molecule from the carboxylic acid.

This conversion can be achieved mainly by the effect of heat. In the following we will show you two possibilities how you can carry out decarboxylation for hemp tea yourself. In no case it is sufficient to pour boiling water over the tea.

Preparation in the oven

One way to activate it is to heat the plant parts in the oven before preparing the tea. To do this, the hemp flowers are heated in the oven at about 130-140 °C for 15 minutes. Ideally, you can prepare a larger quantity of plant parts in the oven in one heating process. If you keep them dry and protected from light later, you can make more tea portions from them.

After the heating process, crumble the vegetable parts in a cup or a pot and boil them with boiling water. Typically, the recommended dosage is one teaspoon of useful tea for about 50 ml of water. You then let the tea steep for 15 minutes. During this time, the liquid should be covered.

It has also been shown to be useful to add some fat, such as coconut oil, or animal/vegetable milk to the tea preparation before drinking. Fat is said to facilitate the absorption of the valuable plant substances.

Cooking process

Alternatively, you can achieve the desired activation of cannabidiol by boiling the plant parts in water. Various recommendations on the duration of the boiling process are given here.

Typically, about one good teaspoon of plant parts per serving should be boiled with water and some fat for about 60 minutes in a closed pot. To do this, the stock is simmered on a low heat. It should be possible to boil larger quantities of tea at once. The remaining tea should be able to be stored in the refrigerator for about days.

It is sometimes also recommended to add some plant parts after the regular cooking time of 60 minutes and to let it steep for another 15 minutes. This process should allow other desired accompanying substances such as the terpenes already mentioned to dissolve better in the tea liquid.

Drink sweet, hot or cold

You can sweeten hemp teas with honey, sugar or other sweeteners you prefer, depending on your personal taste.

The preparations can be consumed hot or cold.

Unlike the oils, these preparations regularly have no accompanying substances in the finished tea product.

Scientists describe the so-called entourage effect for various substances from the useful hemp plant in connection with cannabidiol. In their opinion, terpenes and other secondary plant substances can enhance the effect of CBD.

CBD tea and its legal issues

Now you surely want to know if you can buy hemp tea legally. If you research the internet, you will find many suppliers for these teas. Tea preparations from the useful hemp plant were already sold when oils with cannabidiol were little known.

Is hemp tea legal?

Despite this obvious matter of course in the free online movement of goods, the legal situation regarding hemp teas is not undisputed. This is mainly due to the fact that the tea preparations consist mainly of hemp flowers.

In fact, we have also recommended flowers above as essential ingredients of the tea offerings. The background is that hemp flowers can be particularly rich in cannabidiol. Regularly these are also particularly original, natural extracts.

On the other hand, hemp flowers are not legal in Germany and large parts of the EU. This applies even if the THC content is below 0.2 %. Legislators and authorities, however, see the possibility of extracting THC from hemp flowers, even if the THC content is low.

Against this background, the legality of a hemp tea is not clearly established. You have to make a decision yourself and deal with this legal risk if you want to buy tea preparations made from commercial hemp.

medicinal tea on prescription

For some time cannabis products for medical use have been available for prescription by doctors. A special prescription according to the narcotics law is required for this.

Doctors can also prescribe cannabis flowers and cannabis extracts for the preparation of hemp tea. Usually these are products that contain a certain amount of THC in addition to cannabidiol.

Possible alternative with some uncertainties

If you like herbal tea preparations, tea can be an alternative for you. However, you have to live with some uncertainties.

They concern the exact dosage, the content of cannabidiol in the finished product and legal issues. In addition, the preparation at your home makes special demands on you. In any case you have to achieve an activation of CBD via heating, so that the tea preparation can produce an effect.

Many users therefore end up returning to an oil product because they receive a ready-made standardised and easily absorbed product from a reputable supplier. You may also be able to get a doctor's prescription for a medical and professionally standardised tea preparation.

Note: In this article we report on prescription cannabis, prescription CBD or over-the-counter or legal CBD. This Article does not make any proposal as to the possible purpose of the proposal and is for information and education purposes only. Promises of healing and benefits are excluded.