CBD oil for your dog - is its use recommended?

CBD oil for your dog - is its use recommended?

Maybe you already know CBD oil from your own application. Many people who are interested in their health have had positive experiences with the oil of the useful hemp plant. If you have a dog, you may have already thought of using the oil for the health of your four-legged friend. Finally, dogs also suffer from pain, fears or diseases such as epilepsy.

In these areas cannabidiol has often shown positive effects in humans. How about the dog? We have compiled the current findings for you in the following.

CBD oil - what it is and what dog owners can get from it

When the word "hemp" is mentioned, most people think of psychoactive drugs made from the cannabis plant. However, we must distinguish between the different types of hemp, because not all of them contain psychoactive substances.

The cannabis plant Cannabis sativa is poor in the noisy THC.

On the other hand, other substances can be extracted from it, which are increasingly being discussed as beneficial to health. CBD or cannabidiol belongs to these substances and is preferably used as oil.

Not to be confused with hemp seed oil, which is consumed as a foodstuff because of its content of valuable fatty acids.

Cannabidiol belongs like the noisy THC to the cannabinoids. The oil is made from the leaves of female hemp.

Oils from CBD are produced from commercial hemp

The Cannabinoid System

Both dogs and humans have an endogenous cannabinoid system. These are receptor sites at different locations in the organism. These receptors are matched to certain messengers and substances. These have a surface that works together with the receptor like a key with a lock.

Different transmitter substances move in the body of dogs, which lead to certain reactions in the animal's nervous system.

For example, the sensation of pain, but also the development of anxiety, is controlled by messenger substances and receptors.

In the dog's organism, the corresponding messenger substances are released as required, either

  • to trigger a specific reaction or
  • to mitigate them.

Cannabinoids - as they are contained in the hemp plant - have a surface that partially corresponds to the substances naturally present in the animal's body.

This means that they too can bind to certain receptor sites in the endocannabinoid system. Through the supply of cannabidiol we may be able to influence various physical and psychological reactions of the animal.

Potential areas of application

For humans, the possible applications of cannabidiol oil are increasingly being researched. Dogs suffer from many diseases and complaints that humans also have. Here, for example, arthrosis, epilepsy and chronic pain should be considered.

Humans and dogs also resemble each other in their moods and emotional states. Consequently, CBD oils can be used in many areas in dogs, for which there is already evidence of a positive effect in humans.

Products containing cannabinoids have been researched/applied to dogs in studies and experience reports in the following areas of application:

  • Fears and Phobias
  • Epilepsy
  • Pain (especially chronic)
  • Cancer diseases and in particular the mitigation of side effects of drug therapy
  • Restlessness
  • Skin problems

Specifically related to dogs, many dog owners have positive experiences with cannabidiol products in various forms of osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis and related diseases are particularly common in older animals. For this reason we often resort to medicinal painkillers to help our loved ones. These can have many side effects, such as attacking the dogs' stomach.

That is why many dog owners are looking for a natural alternative for pain relief.

Maybe your dog suffers from some form of epilepsy. This disease is also widespread in the animals. Some dogs suffer from convulsions from birth. Cannabidiol can support the health and well-being of affected animals.

Application of CBD oil in dogs

Do you have an animal that is tormented very intensely by separation anxiety? Perhaps CBD oil can help you with this phenomenon. It can help your dog to calm down and cope better with separation situations.

Also, if your dog has cancer, he could benefit from cannabidiol. In particular, oils containing cannabidiol are said to be able to alleviate the typical side effects of chemotherapy. It is also possible that there may be an analgesic effect.

Does your dog suffer from a chronic skin problem such as constant itching? Also here the oils with cannabidiol could offer a natural alternative.

What does science say?

Similar to the human sector, research on CBD oils and their potential effects is not yet fully completed. New effects are discovered regularly.

If you are interested in the scientific background of the use of cannabidiol in dogs, look at meaningful studies especially in these areas:

  • Skin
  • Pain with osteoarthrosis
  • Epilepsy
  • Fear
  1. Skin Health

Inflammatory skin diseases are common among dogs. One of these diseases is for example atopic dermatitis.

A 2012 study carried out by the Italian University of Pisa has shown the following: There are also receptors in the skin which respond to the cannabinoids.

Therefore, inflammatory skin diseases like atopic dermatitis could react positively to CBD oils.

The disease progresses in phases.

It leads to weeping eczema and to an almost unbearable itching for the animal. If your dog can reach the inflamed areas of skin with his snout, he will lick it. This can lead to further inflammation through infection with the bacteria present in saliva.

This dog disease is therefore associated with a high level of suffering for the affected animals and often places a heavy burden on dog owners.

Here, too, the final exploration of the subject has not yet been completed. The study and also other dog owners report that CBD has a positive effect on skin inflammation.

  1. Osteoarthrosis

A recent study by Cornell University in the USA from 2018 investigates the effects of cannabidiol oils in osteoarthritis in dogs.

The scientists came to a positive assessment for the use of CBD. In particular, it was shown that regular use could increase the activity and well-being of the dogs.

  1. Epilepsy

US researchers found in a first method study in 2017 that CBD oils are very likely to have positive effects for dogs with persistent epilepsy. They could thus at least support medicinal treatments in this area. Further studies are necessary here.

In epilepsy, the main aim is to reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures in animals. Cannabidiol could help with this.

  1. anxieties

So far there are no scientific studies that can prove the effects of CBD oil in this field. However, there are many reports from veterinarians and especially from dog owners who suggest such an effect.

Study on cannabis oil for dogs

Other possible uses

Cannabidiol can also prove its worth for dogs in other areas. Here, for example, we are talking about nausea, which occurs in animals during a car journey. Or general nervousness, from which some dogs suffer especially.

Perhaps you are thinking in this context of the annual noise caused by New Year's Eve firecrackers, which can cause panic in many dogs. As dog owners we often do not know how we can help our darling. This could also be a possible field of application for oils containing cannabidiol.

In general, CBD oil could prove to be helpful not only in case of a dog disease, but also to support a balanced mood. 

Dosage and side effects

CBD products in dogs is a very individual matter. In general, however, you can be guided by the body weight of your dog. It is generally recommended that the use of the CBD be increased.

That means you preferably start with a drop of the oil in one evening. You can use this to test the compatibility of the product with your pet and, if it is well tolerated, slowly increase the dosage.

What is good for us humans also helps our four-legged friends:

If you are looking for a more precise dosage for your dog, you can also find it in our dosage guide. This refers first of all to us humans, but can be used one to one for dogs. The important thing is that you observe your dog and thus see best what is good for him. 


type of application

You can drip the oil into the dog's mouth or try to mix it with the food. The dogs react differently to the sometimes intense taste of the oil.

Many owners use it in the evening, especially if they want to relieve their dog's pain for the night. But you can also give the oil at other times, for example when you want to calm the animal in a certain situation during the day.

CBD: Potential side effects

Most pet owners report good tolerance of CBD products in dogs.

In some animals the oils lead to

  • Nausea,
  • diarrhoea or
  • visible discomfort.

You will reduce the risk of such side effects if you start using the product slowly as described.

Be careful if your dog needs to take certain medicines regularly. Dogs that take stomach acid inhibitors or some neuroleptics can tolerate them poorly. Here it is possible that interactions with the drugs may occur.

In these cases consult your vet before using cannabidiol products. Cannabidiol is usually very well tolerated, even in combination with drugs, but this is not true for isolated preparations.

Is it safe to use?

Each dog reacts individually to the use of cannabidiol oil. It also takes a little longer in some animals before an effect can be observed.

The endocannabinoid system is slightly different in each dog. Be patient when you give your dog oils with cannabidiol for the first time. Also note that the oils are offered in different concentrations.

A creeping application of the oils therefore also includes starting with the lowest possible dosage of the oil.

Dog owners can support their dog's health with CBD

Legal situation

We would like to inform you as comprehensively as possible about dogs and the CBD. For us, this also includes giving you a short legal notice at this point.

Certain substances, including those of plant origin, are approved as animal feed in Germany and the EU. This authorisation is a prerequisite for the legal official offer of a certain substance as feed for animals.

CBD is currently not authorised as feed. The oil is nevertheless offered by many suppliers also for dogs - without the addition "feed". A legal grey area has arisen in this respect. We will keep you informed about further developments in this area.

Conclusion: Your dog could also benefit

Oils with cannabidiol could also help your dog's health. This is shown not only by experience reports from dog owners, but increasingly also by scientific studies that are being conducted in this area. We expect to gain further insights into this in the future.

Your dog could benefit from an oil containing cannabidiol for a number of health problems and imbalances in his mood.

The endocannabinoid system in dogs is similar to that in humans. Therefore, the areas of application described for the oil in the human sector overlap with possible areas of application in dogs.

For you as a dog owner CBD oil can therefore be a natural alternative if you want to promote the health of your dog.

For dogs, quality of life is a decisive criterion when it comes to the use of supportive substances. Previous studies indicate that their quality of life can be improved with oil from the cannabis plant, particularly in the case of dog diseases.

For example, dogs with CBD oil can become more active and vital again in the case of arthrosis. Maybe that also speaks for the use of oil in your case. Added to this is the fact that, according to current knowledge, the application is gentle and has few side effects.

Note that the effect of cannabidiols on dogs is very individual.

Note: In this article we report on prescription cannabis, prescription CBD or over-the-counter or legal CBD. This Article does not make any proposal as to the possible purpose of the proposal and is for information and education purposes only. Promises of healing and benefits are excluded.