CBD Liquid - a special dosage form for cannabidiol

CBD Liquid - a special dosage form for cannabidiol

With the great interest in CBDs, the range of different dosage forms is also increasing. In addition to the already almost classic CBD oil, liquids for evaporation are also offered. Maybe you are also interested in this special form of application.

At first glance, these products appear to be in the pure luxury food sector. This raises the question whether health effects can be associated with the vaporization of cannabidiol.

In the following we have compiled the most important information on this topic for you.

CDB Liquid - what is it?

For liquids, cannabidiols are processed in such a way that they can be vaporized in e-cigarettes or in a shisha and thus be smoked.

For many health-conscious people such an application is out of the question. They reject the smoking of substances on principle. Others, on the other hand, find precisely these applications with cannabidiol very pleasant and attribute them health-promoting effects.

What can be said objectively?

Intensive impact potential

In general, CBD products, especially oil, are said to be associated with a wide range of health effects. Not only are many users enthusiastic about these products. Increasingly, scientific studies are also proving the potential of this cannabinoid from the cannabis plant.

According to the current state of knowledge, areas of application could be, for example

Here, the self-use with CBD and the use of medical cannabis merge into each other.

Medicinal cannabis often contains an additional THC component and can therefore only be used if prescribed by a doctor. If you have studied cannabinoids a little bit, you know that THC is the addictive and intoxicating component of the hemp plant.

However, all cannabinoids can potentially act at the same sites in the body. According to current knowledge, this is based on a certain mechanism that cannabinoids use.

The Endocannabinoid System

The human organism itself produces substances that are similar in biochemical structure to cannabinoids.

These substances have important functions in the human body. They interact with specific receptor sites in different parts of the body, including the nervous system and the intestines. In doing so, they connect with these receptor sites and trigger very specific reactions. Sleep and pain sensation, for example, are also controlled via this system.

The cannabinoids of hemp plants can also dock to certain receptors in the human organism. Consequently, they are able to influence certain physical reactions.

Although not all processes have been understood in this area and further scientific research is needed, this interaction of cannabinoids with receptors in our body offers an explanation for their health effects.

What is the situation with a liquid? Do the cannabinoids also reach corresponding receptors in the human body via this form of administration?

Uptake of cannabinoids

There are also some scientific questions regarding the uptake and CBD/THC into the body.

There are still no clear study results on the question whether cannabinoids are optimally absorbed through the mucous membrane, the skin or the digestive tract. User experience indicates that the oil is absorbed particularly quickly through the oral mucosa.

Products containing cannabinoids are also offered as ointments. This indicates that absorption through the skin is possible. Finally, it is assumed that cannabinoids enter the body via the digestive tract.

Especially via the digestive system, however, absorption is likely to be accompanied by delays and possibly also losses of the substance. These delays do not occur when smoking/vaporizing cannabidiols.

CBD Liquid with Cannabidiol

The vaporization of cannabinoids

Smoking of cannabinoids has long been known and used for addictive substances such as THC. However, since smoking is generally associated with the addiction area, it is considered rather frowned upon by many health-conscious people.

Some people also fear the general, possible side effects of smoking. Others, on the other hand, enjoy smoking themselves and find it a normal and preferred alternative to ingest substances such as cannabidiole. Obviously these people are convinced that smoking can contribute to their relaxation and quality of life.

It is also known from the use of medical cannabis that vaporised cannabinoids are particularly well absorbed by the human organism. In principle, this also applies to smoking CBD. Cannabidiol should be able to enter the bloodstream via the lungs without a detour.

The scientific confirmation directly for Liquids is still pending. However, there should be enough evidence of such an effect through parallels with the intake of THC via smoking.

Many users therefore report a particularly rapid effect when vaporizing cannabidiols. This rapid onset of action could have other reasons besides the form of absorption.

What are you smoking?

The plant extracts used for the products containing cannabidiols may differ.

The respective extraction methods also differ. Extractors such as CO2 can be used, but also alcohol and heat. Full spectrum extracts are considered to be particularly high-quality extracts in oil. They contain other substances besides cannabidiol.

The primary concern here is so-called terpenes. Full-spectrum oils are considered particularly valuable because experts attest them a so-called entourage effect. According to this, certain accompanying substances support the effect of the cannabidiole.

It is also possible to produce particularly pure extracts from the useful hemp plant which do not contain any foreign accompanying substances. This is where the well-known crystals often originate from. Such pure substances are often used for the evaporation of CBDs. They may contain high doses of cannabidiols that cannot always be clearly identified.

This is particularly true when users themselves select appropriate products for smoking. By contrast, e-cigarettes normally use professionally manufactured compositions which have a specific combination suitable for vaporisation. They are also standardised in terms of content.

Can cannabidiol oil be smoked?

Perhaps you are wondering at this point if you can smoke the oil with cannabidiol. Such an approach is strongly discouraged. The oils contain certain fatty substances as carrier oils.

These oils are also heated during evaporation and smoking. As a rule, these oils are not suitable for high heat exposure. If they are heated nevertheless, combustion residues are formed.

These residues are also absorbed via the lungs. They are potentially dangerous and can lead to a specific form of pneumonia, for example. This inflammation is mainly caused by the fact that the lungs can no longer rid themselves of the corresponding fats. Therefore you should not smoke CBD oil under any circumstances.

e Liquid with cannabinoids

Compositions for smoking

A CBD liquid is produced without the corresponding fatty carriers. Special alcohol is used, which is suitable for vaporization. This means that with these professional products there is no risk of damage to the lungs from fat residues. In addition, the dosage forms may also be flavoured, which some users find very pleasant.

In the meantime, one or the other liquid is also offered as a full spectrum product analogous to the oils with terpenes.

Some users also turn commercial hemp into a classic joint. One of the arguments against such an application is that the dose of cannabidiol ingested during smoking can hardly be determined. From this point of view, preference should be given to a professionally produced and standard dosed liquid.

Added value: Smoking cessation

Many users smoke a CBD Liquid smoke because it can have another benefit. It seems that many people find it easier to quit smoking if they smoke cannabidiol, at least for a while.

This effect, too, may possibly be attributed to the activity of cannabinoids in the endocannabinoid system. Addictions generally have something to do with certain messenger substances in the brain.

Although scientific confirmation is still pending in this area, how the CBD may affect the so-called reward system of the human brain. This could make addiction cessation, such as from nicotine, easier. A recent scientific study seems to confirm this effect for CBD in general.

Smokers may also find it easier to quit smoking with Liquids over e-cigarettes because they can continue smoking at least for a while.

For nicotine, an intense psychological dependence is also confirmed. Smokers associate various sensations with the process of smoking, such as increased relaxation. User experience suggests that these sensations may also occur when smoking cannabidiol.

Are there side effects and consequences of smoking?

Many people appreciate products - especially the oil - with cannabidiol because there are hardly any side effects when using it regularly. This makes such products particularly attractive for users who are aware of the potential side effects of many drugs in severe diseases.

The absence of typical side effects is one of the main reasons why health-conscious people are concerned with CBD at all. Perhaps you too have come to your interest in the subject through this aspect. Whether smoking a liquid also has few side effects remains controversial.

Smoking can stress the lungs

Even if a liquid is kept as free as possible from accompanying substances that damage the lungs, smoking itself is not healthy. It is true that, unlike paper cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not smoke the substances from the paper.

However, smoking continues to put a strain on the respiratory organs and especially the lungs. There have recently been disturbing reports from the USA about specific lung diseases that are apparently related to smoking with vaporisers in general.

The exact causes are still unknown. However, combinations of cannabidiol with nicotine in a liquid are also reported to have been used. Liquids have not been smoked for long. There is a lack of long-term experience with this particular form of smoking not only with regard to CBD-containing compounds.

No specific studies yet

There are no studies that specifically address smoking of CBD-containing liquids. This may be due, among other things, to the fact that most experts assign this area to the luxury food sector.

Health the possible health component is not a priority for these professionals of this type of products. Therefore, from a scientific point of view, hardly anything can be said about smoking in this form.

The tacit refusal of experts to deal with this issue scientifically may also be related to the legal aspects.

Overall, the legal situation of cannabidiols is currently unclear. Full spectrum oils are generally accepted, especially at the moment. They can be easily distinguished from medical cannabis forms.

Since smoking of cannabinoids is generally associated with the intake of addictive substances, authorities may be sceptical about a CBD liquid.

Supporting health with CBD Liquid

Smoking - who likes it

For many users, vaporizing and smoking through a CBD liquid is unlikely to be an option. However, if you are a smoker, you might want to combine the luxury food aspect with an additional health benefit. As we have seen, a liquid can also be helpful in quitting smoking.

There is considerable uncertainty about the side effects of smoking and about legal issues. Therefore, no recommendation can generally be made on this form of inclusion.

On the other hand, many users have very positive experiences with this type of product. So in this area it remains a particularly personal decision whether you want to try it out for yourself or not.

Note: In this article we report on prescription cannabis, prescription CBD or over-the-counter or legal CBD. This Article does not make any proposal as to the possible purpose of the proposal and is for information and education purposes only. Promises of healing and benefits are excluded.