CBD flowers - another form of CBD?

CBD flowers - another form of CBD?

CBD flowers - another form of CBD?

If you research the CBD on the Internet, you will also find offers for CBD flowers.

Maybe you're only familiar with CBD oil. So now you're wondering what those flowers are.

Indeed, hemp flowers are a very complex subject. This applies to the different types, the possible areas of application and complicated legal issues. We have compiled the most important information in this article.

What are cannabis flowers?

You're dealing with the flowering of cannabis plants. You probably already know that there are different types of hemp plants.

Primarily, a distinction is made between useful hemp plants and other hemp varieties.

Hemp is characterised by the fact that it contains only small amounts of the noisy and addictive cannabinoid THC. For this purpose, extra useful hemp plants are bred so that they are rich in CBD.

CBD or cannabidiol is also a cannabinoid. But it does not produce a state of intoxication and is not addictive.

All cannabis plants produce flowers. Cannabis sativa plant species certified for cultivation in the EU also flower. The flowers can be very rich in CBD. Connoisseurs of the subject like to talk about grass or weed in this context. By that, you mean the hemp blossoms.

Some providers on the Internet offer these natural parts of the hemp plant in addition to cannabidiol oil.

Can they be an alternative to the oil from the commercial hemp plant?

Are you legally on the safe side when you buy them on the Internet?

Industrial hemp flowers

The flower of a Cannabis sativa plant is regularly cultivated so that its THC content is low and the cannabidiol content is higher. These products are often flavoured with other substances or oils. That is why they are also called aromatic flowers.

One or the other shop finds very flowery names for these special hemp products. Their names are Silver Haze or Lemon Haze.

If you think about smoking these hemp products in connection with grass in hemp, you will be disappointed. The flower products offered are regularly offered in the shops for smoking, for processing into teas or creams.

Medicinal flowers

Flower extracts are also processed into prescription drugs. In these cases they contain not only cannabidiol but also THC.

In this process, the flower extracts are mixed in a carrier oil such as MCT oil, which makes oral administration possible. These types of products can be prescribed by doctors as an alternative in the treatment of pain.

Advantages of flower products

Many people see the flowers as the most natural part of hemp plants. This may be especially true for people who also have experience with Cannabis indica, the noisy, in Germany not legal types of hemp.

Those who have had such experiences may immediately think of smoking CBD flowers. Many users hope to achieve a particularly intensive effect and the possibility of taking up as much cannabidiol as possible in a form that is comfortable for them.

This type of application is not recommended in any case. There are both factual and legal reasons for this.

Quality of the flower products

The flower products regularly offered on the Internet can be of very different quality. As a buyer, you can hardly estimate the quality on a regular basis.

The fact that in most cases these are so-called aroma products makes quality assessment even more difficult. With these offers you cannot know with which substances the products have been flavoured. This alone prohibits the inhalation of such products.

Serious providers also clearly indicate that their offer is not suitable for smoking.

CBD Flowers from Germany

Legal issues

The prevailing view is that you cannot legally purchase the flowers in Germany as a final consumer. You may object that the THC content of the EU certified cannabis varieties is below 0.2%.

Wouldn't this mean that the flower products can be legally purchased?

The legislator sees things differently. It allows the acquisition only for commercial and scientific purposes. This excludes final consumers. He also assumes that you might be able to continue extracting THC from the flower products.

This would be possible even if the overall THC content is low and below the 0,2 %. Should you buy weed with the intention of smoking it, there is another aspect to it.

Smoking of hemp products is regularly associated with the illegal Cannabis indica as well as prescription medical hemp.

Fields of application

If, knowing the legal situation, you still want to order flower products - many users do - ask now about the potential effect. The hemp flowers potentially produce an effect in the same areas as cannabidiol oil.

These are for example

  • aches
  • sleep problems
  • Seizures
  • migraine
  • Cessation of addiction
  • asthma
  • Neurodermatitis

However, it is uncertain whether you take up cannabidiol in the form of tea, for example, as intensively as in an oil.

In addition, the respective content of cannabidiol in the flower is difficult to estimate and, unlike in an oil product, is generally not standardised.

With a flower you can also use it externally, for example in an ointment.

Study situation

Studies in the field of flower products regularly exist only for medical products.

This also has to do with the uncertain legal situation. Interesting areas of application are described here, for example in the case of psoriasis. Hemp ointments are applied externally.

Some studies also investigate the mechanisms behind the effects of cannabinoid products, including ex-flower extracts. The products show effects in many application areas from the point of view of scientists and also users.

From a scientific point of view, it is assumed that effects are caused by the activity of cannabidiols in the endocannabinoid system of the body. The human organism even releases cannabinoid-like substances.

These interact with a receptor system at various points in the organism and trigger certain reactions via signals to the nervous system.

In these areas there are, for example, control mechanisms for pain, sleep, allergic reactions and much more.

According to current knowledge, cannabinoids can also dock to certain receptors in this endocannabinoid system. They can therefore also trigger or dampen certain reactions.

CBD flower as natural medicine

Especially intense effects?

Potentially, flowers of hemp plants can have a particularly intensive effect. This is because they usually contain the cannabinoids in very pure form.

This purity and possibly the high content of cannabidiol is also the reason why a number of users order flower products.

However, if you buy such products in an internet shop, you do not know what the product actually contains in which dose. Here it depends very much on the seriousness of the seller and the origin of the cannabis plant.

Many things remain open

You should pay particular attention to the fact that, according to the general opinion, cannabis flowers cannot be legally purchased in Germany as a final consumer. Many people still order such products on the Internet.

When you buy such a flower product, you are not only dealing with an uncertain legal situation. You can also hardly assess the quality of the goods yourself.

There are some black sheep among the sellers in this area who offer you THC-containing products. Finally, you must also be aware that the use of cannabis flowers can be very limited for you.

Smoking is not recommended for the above reasons. If you process a flower into tea, the dosage can no longer be estimated. Whether you can process flower extracts into ointments yourself is up to you. Such an ointment production can be very costly.

We would not like to advise or discourage you at this point to buy hemp flowers!

The aim of this article was to inform you about the possibilities and also the legal problems in this context.

When it comes to drugs based on flower extracts, it is generally accepted that these are often very effective cannabinoid products. However, they are subject to a special prescription by a doctor, as they also contain THC.

They can be a good alternative, especially in combating pain in chronic pain patients. Here a doctor of your confidence can inform you about the possibilities of a prescription. Talk to your doctor about this once if it could be important to you.

We will keep you informed about possible further developments in this area, especially regarding legal issues.

Perhaps in the near future, a different legal assessment than is currently the case for flower products will emerge. However, it is also possible that products containing cannabidiolin are legally assessed even more strictly than at present. Many questions are still open here.


Note: In this article we report on prescription cannabis, prescription CBD or over-the-counter or legal CBD. This Article does not make any proposal as to the possible purpose of the proposal and is for information and education purposes only. Promises of healing and benefits are excluded.