CBD extract and CBD oil - are these different products?

CBD extract and CBD oil - are these different products?

As a health-conscious person you have probably already dealt with the subject of cannabidiol (CBD). There are currently a number of products that contain this ingredient from the cannabis plant. Oils and extracts are also frequently mentioned.

You may feel like many other people who are confused because of the different product names. Above all, you probably want to know which type of product you can choose if you are looking for a particularly high-quality product.

In the following we have compiled the essential facts on the subject for you.

Is it all a question of extraction?

Find out here why the extraction method is particularly important for CBD products and which processes we differentiate here.

Cannabinoids and their effects in the human organism

Cannabidiole are herbal substances contained in various types of hemp. They belong to the so-called cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are also associated with various effects in the human organism.

You can connect to the human endocannabinoid system. The human body itself produces certain messenger substances that resemble the cannabinoids in the hemp plant. These messenger substances combine with the human nervous system at certain receptor sites in the human organism.

They act, for example

  • to sleep,
  • on the sensation of pain and
  • various other areas of the body.

The cannabinoids of hemp plants also combine with certain receptor sites and develop various effects there. These are perceived by some people as beneficial to their health. Medicine is also increasingly investigating the potential of cannabinoids.

There are noise producing cannabinoids such as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is extracted from the hemp plant Cannabis indica. Due to their intoxicating effect, products with THC are legally only used in the area of the strictest medical-monitored measures. Otherwise, they're considered illegal drugs.

In contrast, the non-noise producing cannabidiols from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa are currently used in food supplements and medicinal products. In order to make cannabidiole usable for the human organism in a product such as a dietary supplement, we need to extract it from the hemp plant.

An extraction process must take place. The human body would not be able to extract CBD independently from the hemp plant.

How do CBD extracts affect humans?

extraction methods

Maybe you know the name "Extract" from other plant extracts too. Extracts are characterized by the fact that they contain certain plant substances in their pure form and highest concentration.

There are different methods to filter out ingredients like cannabidiol from a plant.

Have a look at this overview:

  1. solvents

Manufacturers can use solvents such as alcohol to dissolve CBD from the hemp plant. If a solvent is used, this may have the disadvantage that residues remain in the extract.

In the case of alcohol, the advantage here is that alcohol evaporates without residue in a distillation process.

  1. CO2

CO2 extraction is a proven and very gentle method to extract cannabidiole from the hemp plant plant. The result is a very pure, high-quality extract.

  1. Filtration with water

Here, water pressure is used, which separates the cannabinoids from the remaining plant parts in a filter system. This physical process results in less pure extracts than distillation with alcohol and CO2 extraction.

  1. Dry sieves

This extraction method does not lead to a very effective extraction. The plant parts are separated from each other by different screening systems, which are constantly refined further. The result is an extract that is very rich in other and uncontrollable by-products of the plant.

What is hemp oil?

When it comes to hemp products, you will often come across the term hemp oil. Perhaps now you think that this must be another extraction method for CBD.

Hemp oils are often advertised as cold-pressed oils. You probably know the term cold pressing from high-quality olive oils. However, it is not possible to remove cannabidiole from the hemp plant by cold pressing.

When we talk about hemp oil, we are talking about hemp seed oil. Cold pressed and of high quality, it is a valuable food that is rich in certain healthy fatty acids.

A compound to CBD is formed when high quality hemp seed oil is used as a carrier for CBD extracts. Cannabidiole are soluble in oil.

Which factors have an effect on the quality in addition to the extraction?

In addition to the extraction method used, the quality of the crops used and the choice of a carrier for the finished product are also important.

Only if the highest quality methods and starting materials are selected for all three components can a CBD premium product be created.

Methods for obtaining CBD extract

How CBD extract becomes CBD oil

Let us assume that we have obtained a cannabidiol extract using one of the extraction methods mentioned, such as CO2 extraction. Which dosage form is now the right one for the product?

A CBD extract should not be added to the human organism in its pure form, because it cannot be meaningfully dosed and standardized. It's also very expensive.


  • Cannabidiole are soluble in oil and
  • in drop form can also easily be used by the user,

many suppliers use high-quality hemp seed oil as a carrier for CBD oils.

These oils are often marketed as extracts. They actually come close to a pure extract with CBD contents of up to 25%.

What is a full spectrum oil?

With some suppliers you can find so-called full spectrum oils. These, too, are generally described as particularly high-quality premium products.

For these products, extracts are used which not only contain CBD in isolated form, but which also contain

  1. more cannabidioles,
  2. their precursors and
  3. various by-products such as so-called terpenes.

Plants always contain a combination of different substances. These are often so-called secondary plant substances that have a protective function for the plant.

Plants use these substances to protect themselves against harmful environmental influences such as predators, UV radiation and competition from other plants.

Full spectrum oils are considered to be particularly effective and high-quality products. Scientists have found the so-called entourage effect in these products. According to this, mixtures of plant substances are more biologically active than pure pure substances.

Contrary to what you might expect, a "contaminated" mixture of cannabis diols can prove to be the higher quality product. However, "contamination" here does not mean that co-formulants from the hemp plant are randomly mixed with the desired cannabidiols.

A full spectrum product is characterized by the fact that the CBD extract contains co-formulants that are desired. These co-formulants are known to interact with cannabidiols and therefore have a synergistic effect

Many scientists find the entourage effect so interesting that regular current studies are planned. A British college in London is currently planning a new study on the entourage effect and its effect on pain.

CBD oil with high-quality extracts

How to choose a high quality product

  1. CBD premium products should be produced by an extraction method which produces a standardised extract of the highest quality. If desired, it can be a full-spectrum composition.
  2. The original useful hemp plants used to produce the extracts are also of the best quality. The cultivation methods can be proven and the origin of the hemp plants is exactly traceable.
  3. As the carrier for the CBD extract, the manufacturer uses a particularly high-quality oil selected - preferably in organic quality or best quality from conventional cultivation.

High-quality products are not only offered as oils. Other cannabidiol premium products such as liquid, tea, flowers, capsules, crystals and cream can also be produced from the extracts.

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Note: In this article we report on prescription cannabis, prescription CBD or over-the-counter or legal CBD. This Article does not make any proposal as to the possible purpose of the proposal and is for information and education purposes only. Promises of healing and benefits are excluded.