CBD and Phytocannabinoids: Traditional Medicinal Herb Topical Again!

CBD and Phytocannabinoids: Traditional Medicinal Herb Topical Again!

Thousands of years ago, so-called "medicinal plants" were used to help people with their complaints. And even today, the natural effects of plants are probably the healthiest way to do something good for the body.

The hemp plant alone has almost 500 individual active ingredients and therefore does not deserve to be perceived only as intoxicating marijuana. If we take a closer look at the hemp plant, we find that besides THC, CBD is also an effective remedy for many symptoms in the plant.

What is CBD and what does "phytocannabinoids" mean?

The cannabinoid CBD occurs mostly in the flowers of the hemp plant and is extracted from them. CBD is a well-tolerated and equally effective component of the hemp plant, which according to smaller studies has an anti-epileptic, anti-inflammatory and even antipsychotic effect on the human organism.

CBD is an antagonist to the CB1 and CB2 receptors, among others, and milder cannabis use is similar to the mental effect of THC. Due to the calming properties of CBDs, more and more patients are opting for self-medication.

Consumption is legal, because as long as CBD products do not contain more than 2 % THC, they are legally considered safe.

Phytocannabinoids make up approx. 80 % of the constituents

After harvesting, the plants are extracted using special processes and often placed in oil to obtain the coveted CBD. In this process, the plant material is treated gently and only exposed to a low heat - this preserves most important phytocannabinoids as well as the entire plant substance spectrum.

In this context it is important to know that the raw material hemp contains the precursor CBDa - an acid. This acid is inactive before processing and only after processing do the end products contain CBD.

Probably you know different phytocannabinoids and also the two best known substances THC and CBD. The THC is filtered out of the plants and removed from them, as it must not be present in a pure CBD product.

For this reason, CBD products are also legally available in the EU and thus also in Germany on the free market.

CBD and the contained phytocannabinoids remain in the plant material. Often these substances are also contained in the end product (e.g. in food, oils, etc...) and can unfold their effect. Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannabichromere (CBC) are just a few examples of effective phytocannabinoids. Many of these phytocannabinoids, as well as CBD and THC experience reports, have a high clinical potential.

The advantages of CBD oils in comparison to other CBD products

If you are wondering whether CBD oil is right for you, you should consider the possible benefits of oils.

There are both oils containing only CBD and CBD oils with other cannabinoids contained in the hemp plant. CBD oils are made from extracts - so it is the extract that determines which active ingredients are contained in the oil. The oil itself is suitable for external application on the skin. 

Although highly concentrated CBD oil is quite expensive, it is also considered to be more effective and effective. You could switch to other CBD products (e.g. CBD crystals, capsules or food with CBD) and then decide whether it is worth buying a good quality CBD oil from your personal point of view. On the other hand, the CBD oil can also be useful for external use and better, more accurate dosing thanks to the pipette.

It is also important that you only consider CBD oil from well rated traders. This ensures that the CBD is of high quality and really contains what is written on it.

Low quality CBD oil, on the other hand, can be contaminated with chemicals. This burden would lead to the fact that with the regular use also side effects can occur, which are rather excluded with good products from 100 % natural ingredients.

Where's the best place to buy CBD oil?

The best place to buy CBD products are independent manufacturers on the Internet or pharmacies. The multitude of different valuations and a huge range of CBD-related products gives you the opportunity to choose the right brand at your leisure.

In the traditional shop you will probably find less products with CBD, as the products are currently still rather a "secret tip". They have not yet arrived in broad society. Nevertheless, there are already isolated businesses in Germany in which there are indeed good CBD oils. For example, CBD oils with 5% and 10% CBD or CBD softgel capsules are available on Hempamed.

The special effect of CBD oil during treatment

We recommend using the CBD oil drop by drop. After just a few applications you will probably notice the positive changes that the many active ingredients in the high-quality product bring with them.

The CBD is a good companion for everyday life because it could help you with a variety of physical and psychological ailments.

Our customers use the oil mainly for these complaints:

  • Pain / Migraine
  • inflammations
  • arthritis
  • sclerosis
  • depressions
  • insomnia

Side effects of using products with CBD

Side effects are unlikely to occur, if at all. A number of smaller and partially recognised studies have already investigated various CBD products and have largely concluded that the active substance would be very well tolerated by humans and animals in general.

Since it is a food supplement, a natural product and not a medicine, no side effects are to be expected.

An overdose is therefore theoretically impossible, and no physical or psychological dependencies have been observed so far through the regular use of CBD oils. CBD offers consistently positive effects, based on the experiences of users and the chronically ill, which could help us to lead a healthier life.

Also experience reports of our customers exclude side effects: They were able to achieve the desired effects, albeit to varying degrees.

Nevertheless, we would like to mention that exceptions can still determine the rule and that the CBD area still holds a lot of research potential.

Conclusion: What CBD and phytocannabinoids can do for us

CBD is...

  1. legally for sale and should not be confused with the intoxicating THC.
  2. not psychoactive and contains a maximum of 0.2% THC.
  3. an active substance that is not considered a drug, but from a legal point of view should be treated primarily as a dietary supplement.

This is only a selection of the aspects that speak in favour of CBD as a dietary supplement. Phytocannabinoids deserve the attention they currently get.

As a user, we ask you to pay close attention to where you get your CBD oil from. Recently, new niche sites have been created every day on the net, where information is copied and any products are sold without background knowledge.

The sale of CBD oil and other CBD products should not be an enrichment at the expense of sick people, but a support for a healthier life. The properties of the probably oldest "medicinal plant" in the world deserve to be researched even more thoroughly.

Note: In this article we report on prescription cannabis, prescription CBD or over-the-counter or legal CBD. This Article does not make any proposal as to the possible purpose of the proposal and is for information and education purposes only. Promises of healing and benefits are excluded.