CBD - a natural way to fight allergies?

CBD - a natural way to fight allergies?

Allergic reactions are almost a matter of course in our lives, almost everyone is allergic to something or does not tolerate certain things. Be it when it comes to ingredients in our food, or substances from the air or nature.

The triggering substances are just as versatile as the reactions to them. In America, more than 50 million people suffer from allergies, many others do not even know that their symptoms are caused by an allergic defensive reaction.

Cannabis and Allergy Research

Itchy skin, constant sneezing in the fresh air, reddened eyes or other symptoms usually indicate an allergy. Many people live with it and limit the effects with synthetically produced antihistamines, which they have been prescribed by a doctor.

This creates a kind of dependency so that the patient can no longer live without these drugs. So we ask ourselves the question: "Are there now any herbal alternatives to pharmaceutical auxiliaries? "

Scientists are already working on how CBD (cannabidiol) can counteract histaminergic processes in order to reduce the intake of synthetic drugs.

It turned out that CBD has no side effects or damage whatsoever and therefore does not lead to dependence. This is not the case with conventional medicines, which we sometimes even have to increase in the course of the process for them to work.

Histamine is the cause of the allergy

Allergies and food intolerances have increased by up to 25% across Europe in recent years. Many people do not even know that histamine is contained in many well-known products, e.g. in very common drugs such as diclofenac or in acetylsalicylic acid.

Histamine is also found in foods such as chocolate, nuts, cheese and shellfish.

It has not yet been fully clarified to what extent our western, often unhealthy and nutrient-poor, diet plays a role. Histamine is a substance in our body which is the cause of the symptoms of our allergy.

These symptoms can be alleviated with simple orthomolecular variants, which could be further optimized and intensified by taking CBD.

The goal - histamine mining!

In order to alleviate the symptoms of an allergy, histamine must be removed from the body. This is caused by the enzyme DAO, which is blocked by the intake of metamizole or alcohol, for example. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you avoid various substances that block this enzyme in your diet.

The activity of the enzyme DAO also depends on the body's own supply of vitamin B and vitamin C. A lack of these sites leads to a reduced breakdown of histamine.

In addition, we would also like to mention the mineral zinc, because this also inhibits the release of too much histamine. The importance of vitamin C and zinc in allergic reactions is largely underestimated. Vitamin D3 can also be effective against allergies on the skin and lungs.

Zinc also has anti-allergic and antioxidant properties. Besides fish, hemp seed oil can also be a good source of vitamins and zinc.

At this point we would like to talk about the natural extract CBD, which can also be an option for you in addition to taking vitamins. CBD can have an anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect on the body and also has other positive effects.

Cannabinoids docking sites in the body regulate the defence reaction

Every organism has its own endocannabinoid system, which reacts with the substance THC from the cannabis plant, for example. This is then noticed in the form of an intoxicating or psychoactive state.

This docking site interacts not only with the THC, but also with the CBD, the cannabinoid from the cannabis plant. This substance is the antisplayer of THC and therefore does not have a psychoactive and intoxicating effect. For this reason, CBD oils or other products can also be sold freely.

Anti-inflammatory and healing - a new discovery?

Cannabinoids have been used and studied for their effects since the 1930s. It is therefore not new that cannabis extracts can have a positive effect on the human organism.

The criminalisation of everything related to hemp and cannabis has ultimately led to the CBD also being seen as criminal.

And the plant still has this negative stamp to some extent, so that all legal and not intoxicating ointments and products disappeared from the shelves.

Today, many people are again fighting for the legal use of cannabis and its extracts. So far it has been discussed that cannabis has a very versatile effect. Not only against eczema or allergies on the skin, but it should also stimulate the appetite for chemotherapy and support the immune system in AIDS patients and anorexics.

Skin diseases can be very different and can be a consequence of our way of life, but also result from long-term medication. Nevertheless, users expect CBD ointments and oils to improve chronic skin conditions - for example in neurodermatitis or other eczema. 

Smoking, regular alcohol consumption, a unbalanced diet, a lot of stress and other factors also favour skin diseases. CBD starts here at many weak points, supplies valuable vitamins and minerals, weakens inflammation foci in the body and strengthens the immune system.

Cannabidiol possesses polyunsaturated fatty acids

These polyunsaturated fatty acids can help relieve itching and fight inflammation. Above all, the linoleic acid contained should favour this.

In the form of a CBD cream, moisture is also dispensed, which quickly shows its effectiveness in itching and an irritated skin surface. Cannabidiol also has a very high fatty acid content.

Cannabinoid in the gastrointestinal tract

What does the gastrointestinal tract actually have to do with allergies? Very much, because here we find significant barriers to the immune system. There are also cannabinoid receptors. Accordingly, various hormones and proteins are released from there, which participate in various processes of the cells.

A disturbed stomach and intestinal tract therefore also causes an imbalance in the body and promotes skin diseases, for example.

Targeted CBD therapies could therefore help to improve the appearance of the skin. Also natural for less serious skin impurities or acne.

How do I dose CBD for allergies and which products are suitable?

Of course, all statements on our part are based on our personal experiences and those of our customers who have already reported positive results. However, since each person develops his own needs and his own personal approach, there are still no clear statements on the dosage and the right products for various diseases.

It is clear that we as users cannot overdose CBD oils, CBD crystals or ointments with CBD content. Furthermore, no side effects or problems after prolonged or excessive use are known from research so far.

Good news for all those who have not yet found their personal dosage.

As a rule, ointments are applied over the entire area of the problem zones and applied relatively thinly. The rule here is: Not much necessarily helps much. This is why we can also dose the expensive cream sparingly without losing any of its effect. It is much better at this point to apply creams more frequently and evenly.

As far as the dosage of CBD oil is concerned, the effect of which is even more intense and precise, it is a little trickier. Please note that you can buy the oils with different percentages. The lowest concentration is present in the 5 % oil, then there is the 10 % and the 20 % CBD oil. Depending on this, the prices are set accordingly higher or lower.

We recommend that you get a feel for yourself first. For example, you can start with a five percent CBD oil with a clear conscience and start with 5-10 drops daily.

For very serious skin diseases, you can start with a 10% oil, starting with fewer drops. At this point, you really need to find out for yourself which dosage and percentage is best to control the symptoms of an allergy.

Note: In this article we report on prescription cannabis, prescription CBD or over-the-counter or legal CBD. This Article does not make any proposal as to the possible purpose of the proposal and is for information and education purposes only. Promises of healing and benefits are excluded.