Buying CDB oil in a pharmacy - is it worth it?

Buying CDB oil in a pharmacy - is it worth it?

CBD oil is currently very popular. Have you already tried it or are you just looking for a suitable product for yourself? Perhaps you have noticed in this context that CBD oils are now also available in almost all pharmacies.

Is it better if you buy it there? Or can you also take advantage of the usually cheaper offers from the Internet? Find out more about the topic in this article, especially about the quality of these new hemp products.

What is CBD?

You have not yet dealt comprehensively with the subject of CBD oil? We'll briefly summarize for you what this is all about:

The three letters stand for cannabidiol. This is a cannabinoid derived from the useful hemp plantCannabis sativa. Cannabidiol is not rinsing. You should therefore not confuse it with THC ( which is mainly derived from cannabis indica.

If, like many people, you first think of illegal drugs and drug effects when you mention hemp, you are wrong about cannabidioles.

The hemp plants from which cannabidioles are extracted are naturally poor in THC. For legal reasons, they may not exceed a certain content of the noise generating substance.

Over-the-counter products with a trend factor

Cannabidiol is also not to be confused with hemp oil. Hemp oil or hemp seed oil is a cold-pressed oil obtained from the seeds of hemp crops.

It is a very high quality food, which is rich in certain healthy fatty acids. Cannabidiol is usually administered in hemp seed oil, because the fat-soluble extract can be easily absorbed by the body and dosed accordingly.

There is also CBD in capsules.

Since cannabidiol does not generate noise, it is currently on sale over the counter. You therefore do not need a prescription for such a product. The legal situation is still somewhat unclear in some respects, but the sale of oils is gaining ground and is not being attacked by most authorities. CBD oils are very much in line with this trend. The pharmacies have also recognised this in the meantime.

In addition to products containing THC, which the doctor must prescribe, they also carry CBD products which are available for purchase.

Maybe you associate a certain quality standard with the pharmacy.

Pharmacy CDB Oil

But does that mean for you now that you should only buy these products there in the future? After all, the products there usually stand out primarily due to a significantly higher price when we compare them with online products.

A question of quality?

You probably want to buy a product of the best quality. But how can the quality of the products be assessed? For this question a pharmacist can be the ideal contact person, or not.

Experience has shown that he may not yet have dealt with the details of cannabidiol extracts. Even certain technical terms such as full spectrum oil do not necessarily have to be familiar to him. For him, CBD products are sometimes new products like many others.

Therefore it is possible that your many questions about these interesting new oils will not be answered comprehensively in the pharmacy.

In comparison, the operators of 1st hour online shops, who have established the new trend, have been passionate and interested in the topic. They can tell you that the quality of a CBD product depends on several factors.

  1. The plant

The quality of the hemp plant from which the extract is obtained determines the quality of the product. As a rule, the cultivation of useful hemp is a form of controlled cultivation. The cultivation of hemp is subject to certain legal conditions at all times.

In Germany itself, useful hemp is now cultivated. There are also large areas under cultivation in neighbouring Holland. The cultivation conditions of the various suppliers may vary considerably.

There are ecological forms of hemp cultivation.

As a rule, the operators of online shops know exactly from which plants their extracts originate.

This does not necessarily have to be the case for pharmacists, who purchase the product as an end product with other over-the-counter food supplements and do not have to inform themselves about the growing conditions of the original plant.

You will therefore find a lot of information about the areas where the product originates, especially on the websites of the online providers.

  1. The extract

The extract can be dissolved from the hemp plant in various ways. A particularly high-quality extraction option is CO2 extraction. It is considered particularly gentle.

What you should know about CBD

With the extract, it is also a question of whether the end product contains further co-formulants. The so-called entourage effect is described for these special hemp products.

In the plant itself, the cannabidioles are surrounded by various co-formulants such as terpenes and precursors of the cannabidioles.

Scientists were able to show that the effect of the products is increased by certain co-formulants. This is why online providers in particular prefer to offer the high-quality, so-called full spectrum oil, which still contains these co-formulants.

A full range of products also occupies a special position with regard to the legal framework. The point here is that isolated plant extracts are often counted as medicinal products.

This applies not only to cannabidiole, but also to many other plant extracts that are conceivable as food supplements and medicines.

With the full spectrum products, the cannabidioles are embedded in their natural substance environment. Therefore, it can be argued that these extracts are not purely isolated extracts.

  1. The carrier oil

Cannabidiole are usually offered mixed in a carrier oil. As already mentioned, in many cases this is high-quality hemp seed oil. The quality of the hemp oil also contributes to the overall quality of the product. The main focus is on the taste and olfactory components.

Depending on the carrier oil used, the taste is more intense or milder in relation to the hemp note.

Just when you try a CBD oil for the first time, a bitter taste can put you off. With online providers you will often find oils of an intense and mild nature. The providers can also explain the differences to you in detail.

That doesn't have to be the case with a pharmacist. A pharmacy usually purchases products from one product line and does not offer different products according to texture and taste.

What do oils containing cannabidiol cost in pharmacies?

Pharmacies generally operate at a certain, rather higher price level. This applies in any case to products for sale that you can buy in a pharmacy.

In contrast, certain prices apply to medicines that a doctor has to prescribe on prescription.

These are generally binding. The legal situation is clear here, as certain price agreements and contracts for the purchase of prescription drugs also exist with the statutory health insurance funds.

Pharmacists, on the other hand, are pricing so-called OTC products (OTC stands for the English "over the counter".

In any case, the price level is generally considerably higher for retail pharmacies than for online pharmacies. However, the price level says nothing about the quality of the product.

Even if you are offered CBD here in an attractive pharmacist's bottle, this does not mean that it must be a particularly high-quality product. Since you do not need a prescription for cannabidiol products, there is no need to visit a pharmacy to buy them.

However, if you feel better off in a pharmacy and seek contact with a pharmacist, there is nothing to stop you.

An advantage when buying a pharmacy

You probably consider it an advantage that you can take the product home with you when you buy it in a pharmacy. This is especially interesting for people with little access to the Internet. There is usually no time delay between the decision to buy and the purchase of the goods.

However, online shops also offer very fast delivery of CBD products. Sometimes only one day passes until you receive the package with the product.

If you are hoping for a personal consultation on the products, clarify in advance whether the pharmacists can give you comprehensive advice.

Does CBD oil in pharmacies have a better quality

Conclusion: The pharmacy purchase does not have to be but can be

Many online providers carry very high quality premium CBD products. Usually you can count on reasonable prices. In addition, with most providers you can also get a lot of important information about the products in the form of telephone consultations, chat functions and via the websites.

It is rather the online providers who know exactly where the extracts used in the products come from. They usually also know exactly what distinguishes the individual oils and which product may be particularly suitable for you.

In addition, you can also find user reports on the experience with the products on the Internet. This is also a good orientation if you would like to purchase the product for a specific purpose.

There is no reason not to choose the perhaps more expensive products in pharmacies. However, you cannot rely on a lot of information and good advice here per se.

It is best if you have already informed yourself online about the oil you are interested in. Then you can get it afterwards in the pharmacy of your confidence.

You will also be able to find our products in pharmacies in the future. If you have already tested them, you can get supplies there directly or compare them with other oils.

Note: In this article we report on prescription cannabis, prescription CBD or over-the-counter or legal CBD. This Article does not make any proposal as to the possible purpose of the proposal and is for information and education purposes only. Promises of healing and benefits are excluded.