Bad sleep - where it comes from and what we can do about it

Bad sleep - where it comes from and what we can do about it

We spend more than a third of our lives sleeping. Some think it's a wasted time. But this state of rest is absolutely necessary for a healthy life. Even if some people can stay awake for several days in a row. At some point our organism claims its right to rest.

How does sleep deprivation affect human health?

Lack of sleep damages the physical and mental health of humans. Already after a sleep deprivation of one day we perceive hallucinations. Only during rest can we regenerate. Being active and regeneratingat the same time overwhelms the human body.

Those who sleep badly at night usually have problems getting up the next morning. This is less problematic if it stays one night. However, if sleep deprivation persists over a longer period of time, symptoms develop which manifest themselves in the fact that we always feel exhausted and tired. But even after a relatively short activity we get tired quickly.

As a result, we feel restricted in our ability to perform. As a result, work, leisure and family suffer. We react more irritably and make mistakes, which in turn leads to stress. A real vicious circle develops from which it is difficult to break out again.

If our immune system cannot regenerate due to lack of sleep, infections are more frequent. If the soul is not sufficiently relaxed during sleep, burnout or depression eventually follow. In addition, lack of rest periods can significantly shorten our life expectancy.

Bad sleep makes you ill

What is bad sleep and what causes it?

The phenomenon of bad sleep is relatively widespread. Almost every one of us suffers from it for a certain period of our lives. Women are by and large more affected by this phenomenon than men. Almost half of the German population cannot fall asleep and sleep through properly.

If we sleep badly, there are several possible causes. Some are known to us, yet we usually make the same mistakes over and over again. We are not aware of others.

Stress as a sleep killer

Stress is one of the most frequent causes. Family as well as professional stress is recognizable from sleep disorders. But even those who wake up again and again at night probably suffer from stress. Those who brood over the following day in the evenings or roll over problems that could not be solved during the day can cause bad sleep.

No regulated daily routine

The second most common cause of sleep problems is an unhealthy lifestyle. Our body needs an orderly process. If you rest regularly at the same time and get up in the morning, you will suffer less than people who do not have a regular schedule. This also includes sleep hygiene. In plain language, this means to do without a laptop in bed just as much as watching TV or having breakfast in bed.

Sleeping at the wrong room temperature

Temperatures in the bedroom between 16 °C and 18 °C are suitable for good sleep quality. If you're cold at night, set the heater to 20°C. If the bedroom is heated too much, the body cannot cool down sufficiently. Then you sleep badly. Before going to bed we recommend a thorough ventilation of the bedroom. Oxygen-rich air promotes healthy sleep. Even better, of course, is to rest with the window open.

Brightness in the bedroom

But a bedroom that is too brightly lit also causes sleep disorders. While our ancestors used to go to sleep at dusk, today we spend long evenings in brightly lit rooms. Serotonin - a messenger substance responsible for sleepiness - decreases, so that we sleep worse.

In addition to artificial light, the full moon is also said to be responsible for some sleep problems.

Why does bad sleep occur during a full moon?

As sleep researchers found out, different moon phases affect our sleep-wake rhythm. Sensitive people fall asleep about five minutes later than usual. In addition, sleep is shortened by around 20 minutes, which is reflected in sleep disorders.

But not only the length of deep sleep decreases with a full moon. Also the melatonin level decreases at full moon. In addition, the moon is responsible for mental performance and can influence mood.

High fluid balance

Before you fall asleep, we advise you not to drink too much. Because if you drink a lot of mineral water or tea immediately before resting, you conjure up a bad sleep by constantly going to the toilet.

Heavy dinner in the evening

Before you rest, eating a heavy meal has a negative effect on sleep. Because the digestive tract is so active at night. The organism should shut down and rest.

Little movement during the day

If you don't move much in your private or professional life, you will probably sleep worse at night. In order for your body to rest at night, it needs stress and exercise during the day.

Sleep disorders after alcohol

Another factor that promotes sleep problems is alcohol consumption before bedtime. If alcohol initially calms us down and lets us fall asleep more easily, this turns into the opposite in the second half of the night. When the stimulating effect wears off, we wake up more often.

If you enjoy larger amounts of alcohol, the feeling of thirst at night increases. At the same time we have to go to the toilet more often. Due to the constant waking up we sleep badly. Sometimes sleep disturbances occur in the form of sleepwalking. At the same time, alcohol minimizes REM sleep, the phases in which we normally dream. Consequently, motor skills and our memory diminish.

In addition, people who have not snored before fall into strong snoring phases. If necessary, breathing stops occur, sleep apnea develops and the quality of sleep suffers.

What do we mean by sleep apnea?

Sheep apnoea is characterized by a sudden nocturnal respiratory arrest that can last up to 60 seconds. Sleep apnea syndrome usually occurs in snorers. Also during the day the breathing stops can occur, which you do not notice however, since it concerns here only few seconds. However, just a few seconds are enough to dramatically deteriorate the oxygen supply.

If you don't have your sleep apnea treated, your life can be shortened by about ten years. Sleep doctors diagnose recurrent respiratory arrests lasting longer than ten seconds. This requires a short stay in a sleep laboratory. Not only men are affected by this disease, as was mistakenly assumed for a long time. If you suspect sleep apnea, please consult your doctor.

Bad sleep - what can we do about it?

On the one hand, we can put an end to the bad habits mentioned above and replace them with positive aspects. Among other things, sleeping and herbal teas help you to fall asleep. Even warm milk with honey - a well-known household remedy - is still helpful today for problems falling asleep.

During sleep the body regenerates itself

Avoiding caffeinated drinks and heavy meals

In the late afternoon it is worth to do without caffeinated drinks. In addition to coffee, this also includes

  • cola
  • Club Mate
  • energy drinks
  • tea

If you do without a heavy meal in the evening and instead eat a light meal, you will be rewarded with good rest periods. The same applies to sufficient physical activity during the day.

Lock out the full moon before sleeping

On full moon nights, we recommend that you simply lock the moon out of your bedroom. Dark curtainshave proven their worth. Also switch off the laptop and the mobile phone. Soft music has a sleep-promoting effect. But relaxation exercises such as autogenic training also help you fall asleep and prevent bad sleep.

Ensuring a regular daily routine

Who decides during the day for a regulated procedure, can better switch off at night. Relaxation techniques such as autogenic training, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson help you fall asleep.

Experiments with herbal aids for sleep problems

If you still can't sleep well, herbal supplements can work as an alternative. The best known are hops, valerian or lemon balm and recently also CBD.

However, even plant sleeping aids are not intended to be used permanently. Because, among other things, psychological dependence can occur. Why CBD stands out with its properties is explained below in the text.

Hops and valerian in particular have proved very successful in sleeping difficulties. Because they do not disturb the sleep phases. Also, so far hardly any side effects have been observed. Still, you should try to get along without her as soon as possible. Otherwise it can easily happen that you can't fall asleep without them.

If, for example, an intolerance to one of these reliable products turns up or if there is a bottleneck on the market, you will have even greater difficulties than before.

Various plant sleeping aids have already proven themselves for many centuries. Some can be used individually or in combination. We recommend that you consult your doctor so that you also find your optimal herbal preparation. At best, do not use plant-based sleep aids for longer than two weeks without first consulting a doctor. Then the next morning you will wake up rested and your sleep problems will soon be a thing of the past.

Can CBD help with sleep problems?

Are you one of those who don't use the simple methods? Many people rely on CBD oil as a new aidagainst bad sleep. Whereas cannabis with THC was once considered an addictive drug, today cannabis with the ingredient CBD is considered a medicinal plant. The ingredient cannabidiol - CBD for short - found in the plant is legally available in Germany. Numerous studies deal with its possible effects.

Bad sleep can be cured

First successes of cannabis around 1886

Already in the early 19th century the positive effect of cannabis on sleep disorders was investigated. At that time, the Δ9-THC (a psychoactive substance found in cannabis) showed a calming effect, blood pressure decreased and body temperature decreased. These effects reduce stress, which in turn leads to an improved night's sleep. However, CBD is more helpful than Δ9-THC. Moreover, the acquisition of THC is prohibited by law in Germany.

CBD can support muscle relaxation

Relaxed muscles contribute to a quick fall asleep. The CBD contained in cannabis is said to contribute to muscle relaxation. Properly applied, it causes fatigue, which makes us fall asleep more quickly. If you use it immediately before going to bed, your circulation can react to it. After about a quarter of an hour the relaxing effect should occur.

Inflammatory and analgesic effect

Many of us today suffer from severe back pain. But also chronic complaints in the area of joints and muscles prevent healthy sleep. At night, tensions during the day are particularly significant. We're having a bad night. CBD could be a promising solution. Because it shows itself to be anti-inflammatory as well as analgesic.

renunciation of sleeping pills and replacement by cannabidiol

Different sleeping pills make you addicted. The main ingredients have a calming, anxiety- and cramp-relieving effect and relax the muscles. At the same time they are helpful when switching off. Nevertheless, they produce an artificial sleep that hardly enables the brain to work normally. In addition, the phases of deep sleep that are absolutely necessary for recovery are decreasing alarmingly.

In addition, a quick adaptation to the means comes to the fore. Own messenger substances, like the sleep hormone melatonin, can hardly be produced anymore. On the other hand, during the day they have the opposite effect, we feel more relaxed and free.

CBD oil, on the other hand, can support our nervous system in a calming as well as an anxiety-relievingway if used correctly.

At the same time, the muscles relax, which leads to a better quality of sleep. Since cannabidiol allows the body's own messenger substances, artificial sleep does not occur. So you can't get addicted. Deep sleep phases exist, we recover by resting at night and start the next day recovered.

Correct use of CBD oil

Those who suffer from poor sleep can try to control these problems with CBD. Whether or not a cure will actually be achieved, however, cannot be promised. However, initial experience has shown that a trial is worthwhile. CBD oil can be legally purchased online in Germany.

When using the product, we recommend that you proceed slowly and start with smaller quantities first. If you don't find a better sleep state after a while, a sleep diary can be helpful. While in the beginning weslightly increased the use, later it was even possible for many of our readers to find a good sleep quality completely without CBD oil.

CBD - The natural remedy for healthy sleep

Best case scenario is you use the compound before you go to sleep. Take care to allow some time to pass between application and going to bed. Occasionally first effects appear within a few minutes. However, they can sometimes take up to half an hour to get there.

Compared to drugs, cannabidiol can have a highly relaxing effect. The following morning we usually feel rested and energetic. It is essential to select the right variety for use. While some species are more likely to provide energy, others are more likely to promote sleep. But not all of us have the same effects. That's why we advise you to listen to your body.

Note: In this article we report on prescription cannabis, prescription CBD or over-the-counter or legal CBD. This Article does not make any proposal as to the possible purpose of the proposal and is for information and education purposes only. Promises of healing and benefits are excluded.